I’m an Internet marketing consultant and web developer in Wellington, New Zealand. I also have a passion for landscape photography. At the moment this site covers both bases, which isn’t really that sensible, and has become rather neglected in terms of technology and design. I hope to remedy this situation soon.

In the late 90s as a teenager I built my first websites, the main one a long dead mountain biking site mtb.org.uk – a site to share trails and routes before the technology was really there to do so. Symantec Visual Page was my weapon of choice, before moving on to notepad HTML. In 2001 I went to study computer science at Swansea University, at the time one of the top 15 departments in the UK. I had the opportunity to travel to Canada during the summer, which led to me leaving my studies and working and traveling for the next few years.

I started building websites again in 2007. My travels had brought me to the wild west coast of the NZ’s South Island, where in a small town I made friends with the owner of a couple of accommodation businesses and did some work in return for accommodation. I had been chopping wood and hauling stuff around with the quad bike trailer for a few days when he heard about my (by then outdated) web design skills and asked me to look at the business’s websites instead.

Teaching myself PHP, SQL and CSS, I developed a basic framework with session management and the ability to change things on the site. It also integrated with the Gallery2 CMS to provide a photo gallery. I ended up building highly successful websites for both of his businesses, the quality of the work helping me gain full-time employment in the field when I returned to the UK.

At Receptional, the Luton/Milton Keynes area Internet marketing agency I worked for I gained a huge amount of new skills in both web development, SEO and Internet marketing best practice and strategy. Receptional’s client base extends well outside the local area, with many large and multinational clients. Some that I worked with include Investec, Cafepress, Quicksilver Gaming, Jenningsbet, AITO, Blue Chip, Videojug and Compound Security. Although I was very happy professionally at Receptional, I felt the need to travel again. Being an outdoors kind of person, options are very limited in the UK compared to New Zealand and Australia, particularly in the winter. I came back to NZ in 2011 and have been lucky enough to be here since.

I worked until recently as a web developer and SEO consultant at Base Two in Wellington’s CBD, who are an excellent all-in-one creative agency. I also recommend Aeroshop, a new agency in Mt. Cook, and Xequals, who organise/sponsor the Wellington Drupal developer’s meetup group, which I highly recommend.

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About this Site

This site’s theme is built on a complete from-the-ground-up rework of the standard WordPress Wind theme and a similar effort on the SEO-basics theme for Gallery 3. I set this site up in it’s current incarnation in 2009/2010. I am primarily a Drupal developer and much prefer the platform to WP, but I also have to do work on WordPress sites from time to time so it’s useful to also run a WordPress site.

You can follow me on Twitter here: @_mjc on Twitter