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Semi-Randomized Created and Changed Dates for Nodes in Drupal 7

Fix sort order problems with a run-once script to set dates for existing nodes to fall randomly between two defined dates, e.g ’01-01-2012′ and ‘now’ Let’s say you have a mixed content-type view like an e-commerce site with different product types shown on the homepage, or a general ‘front page’ kind of view, and the […]

Gallery 3 SEO – Part Two – Improved Photo URLs

Batch Altering Photo URL slugs in Gallery 3 with a PHP Script This is part two of a series on Gallery 3 SEO. Read Part one at Gallery 3 SEO – Part One – The Perfect URL Scheme Gallery 3 creates URL slugs for photos on import based on their filename. If your setup is […]

Gallery 3 SEO – Part One – The Perfect URL Scheme

Creating an SEO Friendly Gallery 3 URL scheme with mod_rewrite Released earlier this month, Gallery 3 is a big improvement in terms of a site to host photos over Gallery 2 in many ways, and features a much better URL scheme than Gallery 2 even without mod_rewrite thanks to it’s from-the-ground-up framework rewrite. But there […]