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Drupal views templating tutorial: Outputting the respective image fields of multiple associated taxonomy term references

Using a custom field template to output taxonomy term references as their respective image fields, rather than as text or a link The example situation is where a view displays a list of nodes or fieldable entities, for our example items on a menu, and each of these has one or more taxonomy term references, […]

Entity Reference Fields in Rules – Updating reference fields based on the value of other reference fields

Drupal 7 tutorial: Working with entity reference fields in rules While there are a couple of modules that can be used to easily set up entity reference field relationships, in particular the corresponding entity references module, it’s also possible to do create these kinds of relationships with rules. While initially more complicated to set up […]

Image free responsive mobile menu buttons using the ≡ character and pure CSS

Pure CSS scalable menu toggle buttons with three, four, five and six lines – tutorial and download Different pure CSS buttons at 60px, 90px, 115px, 145px and 170px. The top row uses CSS3 styling whereas the bottom row is CSS2 Download the CSS – 4.3KB (full version) ‘lite’ version – 772B (3 line button only, […]

Add Account Creation to your Webform with only an e-mail required, using the Webform Rules module (regardless of site registration settings)

Create a versatile alternative account registration system for Drupal powered by Webform and Rules, with zero lines of code The power of the webform module allows sophisticated registration forms to be put together far more quickly than would be possible by modifying the standard system. Webforms and Rules can also easily be cloned, allowing the […]

Tutorial: Improving the Drupal Commerce user and admin experience – examples with rules and VBO modules

A Compilation of Drupal Commerce modifications and enhancements – user friendly anonymous checkout, efficient store administration, address label printing About Drupal Commerce Out of the box, Drupal Commerce is not, as yet, very streamlined in terms of purchaser experience or non-technical store administration. In part, this is due to it’s relative youth in development and […]

Semi-Randomized Created and Changed Dates for Nodes in Drupal 7

Fix sort order problems with a run-once script to set dates for existing nodes to fall randomly between two defined dates, e.g ’01-01-2012′ and ‘now’ Let’s say you have a mixed content-type view like an e-commerce site with different product types shown on the homepage, or a general ‘front page’ kind of view, and the […]

Drupal 7 SEO: Custom Page Titles and Meta Elements at the Theme Layer – Now Multilingual

Drupal 7 Development: Multilingual Field Based Page Titles and Meta Descriptions from template.php This is an update of a previous post on this blog from July 2011 Drupal 7 SEO: Controlling Page Titles and Meta Elements at the Theme Layer. The script allows the setting of custom page titles and Meta descriptions from defined fields […]

Simple JQuery Collapsible Content in Drupal 7 with Ctools

Drupal 7 Development: Collapsing Content with no Extra JavaScript I stumbled upon a neat solution for collapsible content sections for Drupal 7. It uses functionality built into the Ctools module, which must be installed with Views so is already installed on most sites. Edit and add this code to your template.php: function THEME_collapse_content($c_content, $collapse_heading) { […]

Drupal 7 SEO: Controlling Page Titles and Meta Elements at the Theme Layer

Drupal 7 Development: How to Set Field Based Page Titles and Meta Descriptions in template.php This script has been updated to work with multilingual sites too! See http://www.milesjcarter.co.uk/blog/web-design-development/drupal-7-seo-page-titles-meta-elements-theme-layer-multilingual/. All further development will be with the new version Drupal 6 was great for manual control of page titles, either with the page_title module, or with control […]

Using Panoramic Photos for Variable Width CSS Backgrounds

Variable Panoramic Header Backgrounds – CSS Development Techniques Traditionally, websites are made either as a static width – one that doesn’t change depending on other factors – or one that is fluid – that does not have a width set and will expand to fill the width of the screen, whatever that is. For a […]